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Stupid Facts: The Human Body

  • A person's sense of smell is the first to go.

  • A sneeze leaves your mouth at over 600 mph.

  • The flu was first described by Hippocrates in 412 BC

  • The human body contains about 10 gallons for water making up 60% of body weight.

  • Your body creates as much as two quarts of saliva daily.

  • You're more likely to catch a cold from a person by shaking their hand than from their sneezes.

  • The human brain weighs about 3 pounds, but uses 20% of one's blood and oxygen.

  • Plaque begins reforming 6 hours after brushing your teeth.
    (see Human Teeth)

  • If your body temperature was 86 degrees, you could live to be 200.

  • Cold showers actually increase sexual arousal.

  • A Swiss scientist named A. E. Fick invented contact lenses in 1887.

  • There is enough phosphorous inside the human body to make about 250 match heads.

  • Doctors in ancient China were paid when patients were healthy, not sick.

  • The human head weighs eight pounds.

  • The human hand has 27 bones.

  • The human foot has 26 bones.

  • The human body has over 200 bones.