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Human Teeth

Here are the types of adult and baby teeth, and the numbers or letters dentists use to refer to them. A chart of when these teeth erupt is shown below.

Tooth Eruption Chart
Tooth Primary Permanent
Upper Teeth
Central Incisor 8-12 months 7-8 years
Lateral Incisor 9-13 months 8-9 years
Canine 16-22 months 11-12 years
1st Premolar  - 10-11 years
2nd Premolar  - 10-12 years
1st Molar 13-19 months 6-7 years
2nd Molar 25-33 months 12-13 years
Wisdom Tooth  - 17-21 years
Lower Teeth
Central Incisor 6-10 months 6-7 years
Lateral Incisor 10-16 months 7-8 years
Canine 17-23 months 9-10 years
1st Premolar  - 10-12 years
2nd Premolar  - 11-12 years
1st Molar 14-18 months 6-7 years
2nd Molar 23-31 months 11-13 years
Wisdom Tooth  - 17-21 years
What Teeth are Made of:
  • The hard material of the tooth is composed of calcium, phosphorus, and other mineral salts.
  • The material in the majority of the tooth is called dentine.
  • The hard, shiny layer that you brush is called the enamel.