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Look: British police stop 'unusual vehicle' with balsa wood and duct tape body
Police in Britain shared photos of an "unusual vehicle" stopped on the highway -- a homemade electric scooter with a shell made from balsa wood and duct tape.

Diaper tossed out window on the highway hits trooper's patrol car
Police in Indiana said a driver was ticketed when a dirty diaper tossed out a window by a backseat passenger struck a trooper's car.

Arizona trooper tackles escaped emu at the side of the highway
An Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper was able to help an escaped emu find its way home by tackling it at the side of the highway.

Watch: Dozens of air mattresses carried away by wind at Colorado park
A surprised witness captured video of dozens of air mattresses blowing away in the wind prior to a movie event in a Colorado park.

Watch: Bear breaks into California home, raids fridge
A California family's home security camera was rolling when a black bear wandered into the house and raided the refrigerator.

Man follows up $5,000, $10,000 lottery prizes with $1 million jackpot
A Maryland Lottery player collected a $1 million lottery jackpot after a months-long winning streak that included prizes of $5,000 and $10,000.

Watch: Iowa family's 26.6-inch-tall bull dubbed world's shortest by Guinness
An Iowa family's 5-year-old bovine has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's shortest bull, standing at only 26.6 inches high.

Suggestively-named town seeks to stop adult toy company from using signs
Residents of a Newfoundland and Labrador town with a famously suggestive name are petitioning to stop a sex toy company from using their sign for advertisements.

Watch: Kenyan chef cooks for 75 hours straight to break Guinness record
A Kenyan chef broke a Guinness World Record when she prepared meals for 75 consecutive hours, completing 400 individual recipes.

Watch: Massachusetts woman surprised by snake in her bathroom
Police were summoned to a Massachusetts home where a woman found a live snake slithering around inside the washbasin in her bathroom.