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Woman wins nearly $200,000 with grandma's lottery numbers

A North Carolina woman collected a $181,121 lottery jackpot using a special set of numbers that she inherited from her late grandmother.

Look: Loose cow brings traffic to a halt on Georgia highway ramp

Police in Georgia said traffic was halted on a ramp connecting two highways when a loose cow wandered into traffic.

Watch: Class ring lost 32 years ago found for sale on eBay

A Maine man who lost his high school class ring in 1989 was reunited with the long-lost object after it was spotted for sale on eBay.

Book returned to New York library 72 years overdue

A New York library said a biography of Theodore Roosevelt was recently returned, nearly 72 years overdue.

Website offers $3,000 for 'Sleeping Beauty' to test out mattresses

A mattress reviewing platform said it is seeking "a real-life Sleeping Beauty" to get paid $3,000 to test out mattresses.

Watch: Shark takes a bite out of boat motor off Florida coast

A woman out fishing with friends on her boat off the coast of Florida captured video of a large great white shark that approached the vessel and took a bite out of a motor.

Tom Brady rookie card auctioned for $555,988 online

An autographed Tom Brady rookie card rated in "virtually perfect" condition was auctioned for a staggering $555,988.

Look: Cat rescued after stranded for three days atop Nevada utility pole

Animal rescuers in the Las Vegas area said a cat was safely brought back down to earth after being stranded for three days atop a utility pole.

Watch: British Columbia 12-year-old breaks Jenga stacking world record

A British Columbia boy with a gift for balance broke a Guinness World Record by stacking 693 Jenga blocks atop a single, vertical-standing Jenga block.

Zoo offers to name roaches, rats after patrons' ex-lovers

A Texas zoo is offering jilted lovers the chance to get some Valentine's Day revenge by naming a cockroach or a rat after their exes before it is fed to a larger animal.