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Sweet sounds: Chocolate record plays real music
A chocolatier presenting at a London confection show unveiled a creation that pairs taste with sound -- a chocolate record that plays real music.

Komodo dragon takes casual stroll through village
A resident of an Indonesian village captured video of an unusual visitor -- a Komodo dragon -- casually strolling through town.

Horse riding in back seat of car surprises fellow travelers
A pair of young women stopped at an Iowa red light captured video of an extremely unusual sight -- a horse riding in another car's back seat.

Great white shark attacks fishing boat to defend crab pot
A pair of Australian fishermen used a camera drone to record their scary encounter with a great white shark that attacked their boat.

Police: Robbery suspects wore 'distinguishing' Halloween masks
Police in Florida are trying to identify two suspects who committed an armed robbery at a Waffle House while wearing Halloween masks.

$100 lotto winner, envious of $500 winner, scores $50,000 on second try
A $100 Maryland Lottery scratch-off winner who was envious of the next player's $500 prize decided to buy another ticket -- and won $50,000.

Snake appears to dance along to Creedence Clearwater Revival
A Texas man enjoying some Creedence Clearwater Revival captured video of a like-minded snake bobbing its head in time to the music.

Police round up runaway cattle after semi overturns
Police in Tennessee were forced to play cowboy when an overturned semi released cattle into the roadway.

Jesus greeting card sent to prisoner was full of drugs
The Massachusetts Department of Corrections shared photos of a Jesus-themed greeting card that was used in an attempt to smuggle drugs into a prison.

Servers dash to be crowned Argentina's fastest waiter
Some 470 servers gathered in the Argentinian capital to race with loaded trays for the right to call themselves the country's fastest waiter.