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Qantas selling off stocked bar carts from retired 747s
Australian airline Qantas, which recently retired its fleet of Boeing 747 jets, is giving aviation fans the chance to bring a piece of the airline home by selling 1,000 fully stocked bar carts.

84-year-old Korean War veteran presented with high school diploma
An 84-year-old Texas man was presented with a high school diploma more than 65 years after he left school prematurely to serve in the Korean War.

Turkey crashes through window into Virginia home
Deputies and animal services officers in Virginia responded to a resident's home where a turkey crashed through a window and barricaded itself inside the bathroom.

Man wins two $100,000 jackpots from same lottery drawing
A Virginia man is celebrating a double jackpot after he scored two $100,000 top prizes from the same lottery drawing.

Watch: Man reunited with hurricane-blown photo of late wife
An Alabama man whose beloved photo of his late wife was swept out of his vehicle by winds from Hurricane Sally was reunited with the picture thanks to some strangers and social media.

Look: New York MTA workers had secret 'man cave' under subway tracks
Investigators with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority said a group of employees were found to have maintained an illegal "man cave" in a storage room beneath the subway tracks.

Watch: Woman finds venomous snake in her glove compartment
An Australian woman called a reptile specialist for help when she spotted a venomous snake poking out from her glove compartment during a trip to the pharmacy.

Look: Visitor finds second largest diamond in Crater of Diamonds history
A visitor to Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park unearthed a 9.07-carat gem -- the second-largest diamond discovery in the park's history.

Watch: Man skips rope 147 times in 30 seconds while wearing skates
An Indian jump-rope athlete broke a Guinness World Record when he managed 147 skips in 30 seconds -- while wearing roller skates.

Watch: Horses run through streets of New Jersey city
Authorities in New Jersey said three horses were seen running loose through a city after dark, and one of the equines was caught on video with an unknown rider.