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Andrew W.K. tweets an offer to pay fan's speeding ticket
Andrew W.K. offered to pay a fan's speeding ticket Monday after he was pulled over while listening to the rockstar's newest song, "Music Is Worth Living For."

Wallaby spotted hopping along the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Motorists saw a wallaby traveling along the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia just before 5 a.m. Tuesday.

Rapper Big Narstie does the weather on 'Good Morning Britain'
ITV's "Good Morning Britain" invited rapper and singer Big Narstie to tell viewers the weather Tuesday in Great Britain.

Alligator bites python while tangled on golf course in Florida
Alligators periodically show up on golf courses in Florida, but golfers last week in Naples faced an even more ferocious sight: a gator tangled up in a python.

Lotto winner thought $1 million phone call was a prank
When a North Carolina man got a phone message telling him he'd won $1 million, he and his wife thought it might be a prank.

New Jersey Trooper wrangles python abandoned near toll booth
A New Jersey State Trooper tested his snake charming skills when he was called to wrangle a python fond near a highway toll both.

Woman's Taco Bell maternity photos go viral
A Georgia woman expecting her second child decided to take unusual maternity photos by holding the shoot at one of her favorite places: Taco Bell.

Arizona woman uses pencil to play 'Star Wars' music
An Arizona "Star Wars" fan is going viral after performing songs from the films using an unusual musical medium -- a pencil, paper and math equation.

Massachusetts men misjudge strength of ramp meant to lift car
A group of Massachusetts men were filmed attempting to load a disabled car onto a truck -- and failing spectacularly.

Drone video captures stingray's narrow escape from shark
A man taking drone video of the water off the coast of Australia captured the moment a stingray narrowly escaped from a stalking shark.