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Watch: Gelato dishes shaped like realistic puppies
A Taiwan cafe's desserts are going viral thanks to the eatery's signature ice cream dish -- in the hyper-realistic shape of a small puppies.

Watch: San Francisco bridge blocked by drivers doing donuts
Police in California said that have arrested one of three drivers accused of blocking traffic on San Francisco's Bay Bridge by doing donuts in the roadway.

British woman survives 10 hours at sea after falling off cruise ship
A British woman fell off the back of a cruise ship and survived 10 hours at sea until she was rescued.

Look: Giant snake envelopes Kansas City mailbox
A mail carrier in Missouri was sent running after discovering a large snake wrapped around a resident's mailbox.

Watch: Crocodile bites unoccupied boat in Zimbabwe
A group of boaters in Zimbabwe captured video of a crocodile attacking their unoccupied boat while it was tied up next to the shore.

Watch: Truck spills bottles of brandy onto Philippines road
A truck that overturned while taking a sharp corner in the Philippines spilled hundreds of bottles of brandy, many of which were taken by locals.

Missouri man hides lottery win to surprise wife
A Missouri man who won a $352,000 lottery jackpot said he managed to keep it a secret from his wife for a few days so he could surprise her.

Look: Whataburger decorates Texas student's dorm
A Texas college student who expressed his love of Whataburger received a fast food-themed dorm room makeover courtesy of the chain.

Look: Whale flips boat off New Jersey coast
Police in New Jersey said two people were thrown into the water when a whale surfaced beneath their boat and capsized the vessel.

Case of nails spilled on Highway 101 in California
Numerous drivers had to pull over on a California highway when a case of nails spilled onto the roadway and damaged their tires.