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Watch: Couple marry aboard plane halfway between Australia, New Zealand
A New Zealand woman and an Australian man celebrated their home countries and love of aviation by marrying in the air halfway between their home countries.

Publisher offering to give Alaska newspaper away to new editor
The publisher of an Alaska newspaper said he is willing to give the entire operation away to a person or couple willing to relocate to the town and oversee the operation.

Watch: Chicago woman attempting to hula hoop for 100 hours
A Chicago woman is more than two-thirds of the way to her goal of breaking a Guinness World Record by hula-hooping for 100 hours.

Watch: Green Giant cooks up 1,009 pounds of green bean casserole
Vegetable company Green Giant announced it broke a Guinness World Record by cooking up 1,009 pounds of green bean casserole in New York.

Look: Zoo searching for escaped red panda in France
A French zoo is asking locals to keep an eye out for a red panda that escaped the facility when snowfall caused branches to fall onto its enclosure.

Watch: Troopers, driver narrowly escape out of control truck
An Illinois State Police dashboard camera was recording when two troopers and a stranded driver had a near-miss with a box truck that lost control on an icy highway.

Maryland woman wins two big Keno jackpots in one day
A Maryland woman is celebrating a particularly lucky day after she scored two major Keno jackpots.

Men use tree saw to separate bucks with antlers tangled together
A group of Michigan neighbors used a saw to free two bucks found with their antlers stuck together in a farm field.

Hotel room costs $1, but it's livestreamed at all times
A Japanese hotel offers a room that costs only $1 per night, but there's a catch -- the guest's entire stay is livestreamed on YouTube.

Watch: Territorial turkey chases Wisconsin mail carrier every day
A Wisconsin mail carrier said a territorial turkey has been chasing him through a neighborhood every day for about a month.