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Look: Taco Bell celebrates 'Friendsgiving' with sweaters, leggings
Fast food chain Taco Bell is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit by riffing on the tradition of the ugly Christmas sweater.

Watch: Police patrol car chased by aggressive turkey
Police in Massachusetts shared video of a suspect considered "armed and delicious" -- a turkey that aggressively chased after a patrol car.

Watch: 30 escaped horses run through British town
Rush-hour traffic was interrupted in a British town when a group of 30 escaped horses went parading through the streets.

Look: Cougar cub taken to resident's home, fed bratwurst
Authorities in Colorado said a mountain lion cub became sick after a resident brought it inside their home and fed it bratwurst.

Watch: Meteor glows blue over Texas
A bright blue fireball was caught on video streaking across the night sky in Texas, with many residents reporting a loud boom around the same time.

Watch: Camel makes surprise appearance on snowy highway
Shocked drivers in a snowy Pennsylvania highway captured photos and video of an unusual animal at the side of the road -- a camel.

Watch: Turtle rescued from discarded plastic basket
A group of friends out fishing off the coast of Guatemala rescued a sea turtle they found caught in a discarded plastic basket.

Watch: Bulls fight in road, one ends up in vehicle
A fight between two bulls in the middle of a busy road in India ended with one of the animals crashing into a vehicle and becoming stuck.

Watch: Cottonmouth snake found in Texas sprinkler
A Texas city is warning locals to be alert after a venomous cottonmouth snake was found seeking warmth in a resident's sprinkler system.

Watch: Florida spear fisherman chased by shark
A spear fisherman off the coast of Florida captured video of his tense encounter with a shark that chased him back to his boat.