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Burned-out Christmas tree lights lead woman to $171,000 lottery jackpot

A Virginia woman said finding the lights on her Christmas tree were burned out turned out to be a lucky discovery when it led to her winning a lottery jackpot of more than $171,000.

Dog missing for three weeks finds owner working at Walmart

A dog that went missing from her owner's Alabama back yard turned up three weeks later when the canine wandered into a Walmart store and found her owner working at a checkout lane.

Watch: Venomous snake captured in small child's bedroom

Reptile specialists responded to a home in Australia to capture a potentially deadly snake found slithering loose in a small child's bedroom.

World's first commercially printed Christmas card on sale for $25,000

The world's first commercially printed Christmas card, originally marketed in 1843, is being sold through a Boston-based book dealer for $25,000.

World's first 'Star Wars'-inspired lightsaber earns Guinness record

A Canadian YouTuber earned a Guinness World Record by taking his engineering skills to a galaxy far, far away, and building the world's first retractable proto-lightsaber.

Watch: Dog rescued from floating ice on North Dakota river

Sheriff's deputies and firefighters rescued a dog spotted stranded on a floating chunk of ice in a North Dakota river.

Watch: Man tops 66 mph in electric wheelchair for Guinness record

A British man who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2013 broke a Guinness World Record when he took his prototype electric wheelchair to a top speed of 66.826 mph.

Look: Cow rescued from Connecticut swimming pool

Firefighters in Connecticut made a late night visit to a home to rescue a cow that escaped from its pen and fell into a resident's backyard swimming pool.

Watch: California monolith becomes the third to appear and disappear

A silver-colored metal monolith has been discovered in California, shortly after similar monoliths in Utah and Romania were discovered and subsequently removed.

Watch: Florida man on jet ski ride frees dolphin tangled in rope

A Florida man riding his jet ski in Biscayne Bay came to the rescue of a dolphin he spotted tangled in some rope attached to a cage.