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Woman's jackpot-winning lottery numbers came from a dream
An Australian woman won a $700,000 lottery jackpot using the same numbers she has played ever since they came to her in a dream 15 years earlier.

Large grass fire caused by bird crashing into power lines
Police in Ontario said a large grass fire near a pair of highways was caused by a bird that apparently flew into a power line.

Watch: Bear tears out home's window screen, pokes head inside
A California family's video shows a bear ripping the screen out of a window in their home and poking its head inside.

Watch: Hot air balloon makes emergency landing in Illinois neighborhood
A hot air balloon caused a scene in an Illinois town when it made an emergency landing in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Runner who seemed to break Usain Bolt's record ran a shorter race
A U.S. runner was briefly thought to have beaten Usain Bolt's record in the 200 meter race -- but it turns out he started from the wrong spot.

Watch: Surfer surrounded by sharks off Florida beach
A Florida surfer captured video when she was out on the water and found her board surrounded by curious sharks.

Watch: Ireland man seeks Guinness record for his 34 'Yu-Gi-Oh' tattoos
An Irish man is applying for a Guinness World Record after getting 34 different tattoos based on anime series and collectible card game "Yu-Gi-Oh."

Man stacks 485 Jenga blocks in Guinness record-breaking tower
An Arizona man broke a Guinness World Record when he stacked 485 Jenga blocks into a tower with a base of a single block standing vertically.

Watch: Florida family finds alligator swimming in backyard pool
Experts from a Florida reptile sanctuary were summoned to the home of a family who found a baby alligator swimming around their backyard pool.

Father and son find World War II bomb while magnet fishing
A British man magnet fishing with his 6-year-old son ended up calling police when they reeled in an object identified as a World War II-era bomb.