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UAE driver discovers roadside police car is not what it seems
A driver in the United Arab Emirates shared a video of the unusual means police are using to prevent speeding -- a sign that looks like a police car.

Customs officials seize more than 40,000 counterfeit condoms
United States customs officials seized more than 40,000 counterfeit condoms being imported to Puerto Rico.

Bizarre snake 'with two heads' likely a camouflaged caterpillar
A Spanish woman who captured viral video of an animal that appeared to be a bizarre snake "with two heads" said the creature turned out to be a caterpillar.

Talented cat excels at cup and ball trick
A talented cat has mastered the cup and ball gambling trick known as the "shell game" or "old army game."

Texas police officer narrowly dodges charging cow
A clever cow turned the tables on a pursuing Texas police officer that tried to trap her in a chainlink fence.

City workers in Missouri break sidewalk to rescue dachshund
Municipal workers in a Missouri city used digging equipment to rescue a curious dachshund that darted down a groundhog hole and got stuck beneath a sidewalk.

Bilingual pig understands commands in English and Spanish
A zoological park in Florida boasts a "bilingual" pig that can understand commands in both English and Spanish.

Florida diver pulls massive hook out of lemon shark's belly
A Florida diver who noticed a lemon shark acting oddly ended up removing a massive hook from the ocean creature's belly.

Wisconsin police officer returns 'IRS' scammer's call in viral video
A Wisconsin police officer is being lauded online after a viral video showed him returning a call from an "IRS" scammer -- and the call quickly turns awkward.

Jet skiers rescue sea turtle tangled in balloon string
A pair of jet skiers rescued a sea turtle they spotted tangled in a balloon string off the coast of California.