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Watch: 'Beyond rare' white alligator born at Florida park

An alligator park in Florida announced the rare hatching of a solid white leucistic alligator at the facility.

Four goats rescued from Tennessee mountain ledge

Emergency responders in Tennessee came to the rescue of four goats stranded on a mountain ledge for nearly two weeks.

Escaped reindeer returned to Santa in England

A pair of reindeer named Blitzen and Blue were reunited with Santa Claus after escaping from a Christmas-themed attraction in England.

Look: Illinois firefighters rescue 6-foot snake from kitchen cabinet

Illinois firefighters conducted an unusual rescue when a resident's 6-foot boa constrictor escaped from her enclosure and got stuck in the side panel of a kitchen cabinet.

Canadian cyclist rides nearly 81 miles hands-free

An Alberta cyclist took a nearly 81-mile ride on his bike without using his hands to break a Guinness World Record.

Look: Animal control officers round up loose horse in Massachusetts

Animal control officers in Massachusetts said a loose horse was found wandering on the border line between two towns and was later returned to its owner.

Traffic-blocking turkey beloved by some residents in Michigan town

A wild turkey has taken to chasing cars and blocking traffic in a Michigan neighborhood -- and some locals love him for it.

Virginia woman stops at store for a soda, wins $100,000 lottery prize

A Virginia woman stopped at a convenience store to buy a soda and ended up winning $100,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Look: Overdue book returned to Pennsylvania library after nearly 120 years

A Pennsylvania library said a book returned to the facility after being spotted at a book sale was nearly 120 years overdue.

Watch: Massive inflatable Santa Claus' presence in Texas neighborhood a mystery

A gigantic inflatable Santa Claus is drawing visitors to a Texas neighborhood, but its origins are a mystery.