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Watch: Men caught on camera hitching a ride on back of Baltimore bus
A traveler on a Maryland road captured video of two young men catching a free ride on the back of a Maryland Transit Administration bus.

Look: Wife's need for a lighter leads man to $500,000 lottery prize
A Virginia man scored a $500,000 jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket thanks to his wife's need for a new lighter.

Look: Crews rescue struggling dog from freezing Washington state river
Firefighters, police and animal rescuers responded to a freezing river in Washington state to save a dog that was unable to climb out of the water.

Two record-breaking fish reeled in by West Virginia anglers
West Virginia officials said a pair of anglers broke state records in the first two weeks the year with a 53.1-inch grass carp and a 49.84-inch blue catfish.

Watch: More than $40,000 found inside couch purchased from thrift store
A Michigan man who noticed something amiss about the couch he bought from a thrift store found more than $40,000 stashed inside a cushion.

Watch: Pigeon spotted in Nevada wearing tiny sombrero
Officials in a Nevada city said they are trying to find and rescue a pigeon seen wandering around with a sombrero apparently glued to its head.

Look: Overturned truck releases 1,738 piglets onto Iowa highway
Police and animal rescuers responded to a highway in Iowa to round up more than 1,700 piglets that escaped from an overturned truck.

Watch: World's largest Snickers bar unveiled in Texas
Candy maker Mars Wrigley set a new Guinness World Record by producing a massive Snickers bar weighing in at 4,728 pounds.

Watch: Escaped horse rides city bus in Wales
A horse found running loose in the streets of the Welsh capital was captured by witnesses and loaded onto a bus for a brief ride.

Stanford researchers' PigeonBot provides insight into mechanics of bird wings
A team of scientists at Stanford University created a robot from pigeon feathers to better understand the mechanics of how birds fly.