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Look: New Jersey man wins a second lottery top prize two years later
A New Jersey man collected a $250,000 lottery jackpot just two years after taking home a $2 million prize from another scratch-off ticket.

Watch: Michigan company's 690-pound lint ball sets Guinness record
Guinness World Records said a Michigan company's bid to set a new world record was successful when it amassed a ball of lint weighing in at 690 pounds.

Watch: 'Backhoe Challenge' features operators showing off precision
A Backhoe Challenge event in Pennsylvania called on operators to complete tasks including filling wine glasses from a bottle hooked to the teeth of a backhoe's bucket.

Watch: Raccoon takes 16-mile journey on top of bread truck in Florida
A raccoon went for a 16-mile ride on top of a Florida bread delivery truck that reached speeds of over 50 mph during the trip.

Watch: Indiana students' paper mache sculpture surpasses Guinness record
An Indiana University club created a 14-foot-tall paper mache sculpture that is being submitted to Guinness World Records for recognition as the world's tallest.

Watch: Michigan police officer pulls python out of car engine
A Michigan police officer responded to an unusual late night call and ended up pulling a big python out of the engine of an old Corvette.

Caiman spotted swimming in Michigan school's pond
Students and community members are being warned to keep a safe distance from a Michigan school pond, where an "alligator-type reptile" -- a caiman -- was spotted swimming.

Look: Squirrel rescued from under hood of Virginia State Police car
A Virginia State Police sergeant who heard unusual noises coming from under the hood of her car made an unusual discovery -- a squirrel trapped in the vehicle.

Look: Woman waiting for a ride ends up winning $30,000 lottery jackpot
A Maryland newlywed who had to wait for a ride from her new husband ended up receiving an unexpected wedding gift: a $30,000 lottery jackpot.

Woman puts injured bobcat in back of SUV with young child
Wildlife officials in Colorado are reminding residents not to approach wild animals after a woman picked up an injured bobcat and put it in her vehicle with her young child.