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Watch: Raccoon survives daredevil jump from New Jersey building
A witness filmed a daredevil raccoon's unusual stunt in New Jersey when the animal climbed to the ninth story of a building before jumping.

Watch: Seal avoids becoming a meal for great white shark
A lucky seal managed to out-maneuver a great white shark next to a boat in South Africa and avoided becoming a meal for the predator.

Watch: Firefighters rescue deer from flooded construction site
Firefighters in Kentucky shared video from the rescue of two deer found stuck in a flooded basement at a construction site.

Watch: Brown snake enters baby's room, climbs into crib
An Australian mother said a deadly eastern brown snake slithered into her daughter's crib just an hour after her nap time.

Bear breaks into Colorado cafe, knocks over freezer
A Colorado cafe was "closed due to bear shenanigans" after a wild animal broke in and tipped over a 600-pound freezer.

Six Flags St. Louis wants to close six people in coffins for 30 hours
A Six Flags theme park in Missouri is seeking contestants for a "Coffin Challenge" that will see them closed in a coffin for 30 hours.

Watch: Lion wanders loose on highway outside national park
A lion that wandered away from a South African national park and was spotted walking in traffic was tranquilized and returned to its habitat.

Watch: Overturned semi truck spills dog food, mulch
A semi truck overturned on a Pennsylvania highway early Monday morning and spilled its load of dog food and bags of mulch.

Look: Goat-antelope escapes British zoo
Police in Britain are warning the public to be on the lookout for a potentially dangerous goat-antelope that escaped from an English zoo.

Look: Betty Crocker mug cakes form world record mosaic
A Guinness World Record was set in Saudi Arabia when 19,600 Betty Crocker mug cakes were arranged into a mosaic covering 1,205.5 square feet.