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North Carolina authorities tracking loose emu
Authorities in North Carolina said they are searching for an emu that was caught on camera after multiple sightings across two counties.

Look: Festival attempts world's longest calzone record
Pizza makers from across Ontario banded together at a festival north of Toronto to break the Guinness record for the world's longest calzone.

Watch: Man with ear pain found to have a butterfly in ear canal
A doctor in Vietnam shared video of an unusual case where a patient complaining of pain had a butterfly in his ear canal.

Man collects $1M jackpot after winning on 26 of 27 lottery tickets
A lottery player who said he has won money on 26 of his last 27 scratch-off tickets had his streak culminate in a $1 million prize.

Watch: Ants form 'rafts' in Tropical Storm Barry's floods
Fire ants in Louisiana were caught on camera saving themselves from Tropical Storm Barry's floodwaters by banding together into the form of a raft.

Watch: Inventor takes 'flyboard' for a spin during Bastille Day parade
A French inventor stole the show at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris when he flew over the Champs-Elysees on a flying board of his own invention.

Watch: Woman does own detective work to get stolen 4Runner back
A Missouri woman whose car was stolen while she was picking up her daughter performed some detective work of her home and stole the vehicle back.

Loose llama returns home on its own in British Columbia
A British Columbia woman said her escaped llama returned home on her own after more than a month wandering loose.

Watch: Toilet-sitting world record attempt ends after 116 hours
A Belgian man spent 116 consecutive hours sitting on a toilet in a local bar in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record.

Watch: Mother bear charges at man in Tennessee park
A national park in Tennessee is reminding visitors to stay clear of wildlife after a man was filmed being charged by a mother bear after approaching her cubs.