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Look: Grocery bagger wins record jackpot from ticket bought at work
A Quebec grocery store worker became the largest lottery winner in the province's history when he scored a $52 million jackpot with a ticket he bought at work.

Firefighters rescue passengers from sinking Disney World boat
Firefighters were summoned to Walt Disney World in Florida when a boat on the Jungle Cruise ride took on water with passengers aboard.

Watch: More than 150 snakes removed from under Colorado couple's deck
A Colorado couple who kept finding snakes in and around their home called in experts, who removed more than 150 of the reptiles from a large den under their back deck.

Look: 25-year-old alligator removed from Ohio home
Police in Ohio shared photos from an unusual situation - removing an illegal pet alligator from a resident's home.

Ohio man seeks world record with beer-only Lent diet
An Ohio man said he is giving up solid food for Lent and switching to a beer-only diet in an attempt to set a world record.

Watch: Wrestling fans stage match inside Texas Walmart
A group of wrestling fans in Texas staged their own exhibition match in the middle of a Walmart store and shared video of the spectacle online.

3.81-mile line of books awarded Guinness World Record
Guinness World Records confirmed a New York state-based nonprofit broke a world record by assembling a line of books 3.81 miles long.

Watch: Puppy's pigeon friendship leads to custom wheelchair
A puppy who went viral for an unlikely friendship with a flightless pigeon is finally learning to walk thanks to a donation of a specialized wheelchair.

Watch: Venomous snake found hiding behind family's toaster
An Australian snake catcher shared video of an unusual callout for a highly venomous snake found hiding behind the toaster in a family's kitchen.

Watch: Cat rescued from atop Toronto utility pole
A cat spotted stranded atop a Toronto utility pole after a winter storm was rescued by a utility crew with a bucket truck.