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Agitated moose shatters driver's windshield
A man in Norway who attempted to guide a young moose off the road ended up with a shattered windshield when the animal became annoyed.

Kookaburra defeats snake in unusual backyard battle
An Australian man captured video when he looked into his back yard and spotted an unusual natural scene -- a snake losing a fight to a kookaburra bird.

Snownado interrupts man's shoveling outside home
A Welsh family going out to shovel show came up against a series of unusual obstacles -- miniature snownadoes whipping the snow around.

Coyote chases car in California desert
A traveler on a stretch of road in a California desert captured video of a wild coyote chasing their vehicle at a high speed.

Crawfish clings to beer, smokes a cigarette
A crawfish enjoying spring break festivities is going viral after clinging to a beer can and appearing to smoke a cigarette.

New Hampshire Lottery drops controversial 'Luck Yeah!' tagline
The New Hampshire Lottery Commission's public relations firm said it is abandoning the lottery's "Luck Year!" slogan after a politician called it offensive.

Bar sets Guinness record with $14,168 shot of cognac
Guinness World Records confirmed a $14,168 shot of cognac served at a London bar was the most expensive in the world.

Turkish chefs cook up 1,135-pound baklava for Guinness record
A team of chefs broke a world record by cooking up a 1,135-pound baklava at a gastronomy summit in Turkey.

T-Rex goes up in flames at Colorado dinosaur park
The owners of a dinosaur theme park in Colorado said an "electrical issue" was behind the demise of a life-sized animatronic T-Rex.

'Smoke-breathing' elephants cloudy exhales baffle scientists
Researchers visiting a wildlife area in India captured video of a bizarre scene: A "smoke-breathing" elephant.