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Alligator of unknown origins captured in southwest Virginia
Wildlife officials in Virginia said they captured an unusual visitor to the waters in the southwest part of the state -- an alligator.

Watch: Bear that fell into water tank rescued with ladder
Wildlife officials in Arizona said a black bear that fell into an uncovered water tank was able to escape when a rescuer lowered a ladder.

Watch: Fish eats shark hooked by fisherman in Florida
A group of anglers on a charter fishing boat off Florida captured video of the moment a big fish ate a small shark from a man's line.

Watch: Colorado firefighters help rescue stuck cow
Firefighters in Colorado came to the rescue of a cow that ended up with a leg stuck in a cattle guard near a highway.

Winning lottery ticket ended up on North Carolina man's car floor
A North Carolina man said a $1 million winning lottery ticket was initially confused for a loser and spent days on the floor of his car.

Look: Hapless koala rescued for the third time
A hapless koala was rescued for the third time when it managed to get its head stuck in a metal fence at a power station.

Watch: Escaped circus camel runs loose on highway
Travelers on a Russian highway captured video of an unusual sight: a runaway camel wandering in and out of traffic.

Watch: Snake climbs house, slithers across doorbell cam
A Kansas couple said their doorbell camera alerted them to a visitor that turned out to be a snake slithering in front of the lens.

Woman notes $1 million mistake in bank account
A Boston woman is looking back on her 10 minutes as a millionaire after a banking error was made in her favor and quickly corrected.

Watch: Semi truck hauling pineapples crashes, catches fire
The California Highway Patrol said there were no serious injuries when a truck hauling 70,000 pounds of pineapples crashed and caught fire.