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Boston men ride MBTA trains in 7 1/2 hours for world record
A pair of men set a Guinness World Record when they managed to ride all of Boston's commuter train lines in under 7 1/2 hours.

Watch: Rhea bird blocks traffic on British road
Traffic on a busy highway in England was brought to a halt by an escaped rhea bird running loose in the roadway.

Look: Maryland man's license plate brings lottery luck
A Maryland man won more than 17,600 from a lottery game by playing the numbers from his car's license plate.

Watch: White Castle wedding at New York eatery
A couple held their wedding at a White Castle restaurant in New York after winning a radio contest to score the venue.

Look: Cement mixer-like truck serves whiskey cocktails
A distillery announced its giant mixing truck, which looks like a hybrid of a cement mixer and a martini shaker, is going on a tour of Florida.

Watch: Men cleaning in Nebraska flood find fridge full of beer
A pair of men doing cleanup work in Nebraska floodwaters discovered a "magic fridge" in an empty field that was filled with ice-cold beers.

$1,000 offered for Marvel-watching 'dream job'
A website is offering a $1,000 "dream job" to a person willing to sit down and watch all 20 currently available Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in a row.

Watch: Couple's puppy takes up seeing-eye duties for golden retriever
A North Carolina couple said their puppy quickly appointed itself seeing-eye dog for their 11-year-old golden retriever that lost both of his eyes.

Look: Sheep found tied to tree in Brooklyn park
Police in New York said a sheep found tied to a tree in a Brooklyn park is the latest in a string of incidents involving farm animals in the city.

Watch: Store honors coupon issued in 1983
A shopper at a New York state grocery store saved 20 cents on some Crisco oil using a 36-year-old coupon with "no expiration date."