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Missouri man wins $100,000 lottery jackpot after multiple $1,000 prizes

A Missouri man who repeatedly hit $1,000 prizes on his favorite scratch-off lottery game finally hit the big one with a $100,000 prize.

Watch: Spaceship-inspired New Mexico house for sale

A home for sale in New Mexico is gaining attention online after the current owner spent 21 years filling the interior with spaceship-inspired decor.

Look: Overdue library book returned to high school after 32 years

A high school in Britain said a former student mailed in an overdue library book that was originally supposed to have been returned 32 years earlier.

Watch: Lost lamb spends the night in Irish jail cell

Police in Ireland said a lost lamb found wandering loose in a roadway spent the night in a jail cell before being reunited with its owners.

Watch: Girl, 5, wins staring contest with bobcat in Colorado yard

A pair of Colorado parents said they initially questioned their 5-year-old daughter's story of a staring contest with a bobcat until they checked their home security camera footage.

Look: Florida firefighters rescue ducklings from storm drain

Firefighters in Florida came to the rescue of a family of ducklings who fell into a storm drain near a bridge.

Watch: Idaho man catches balls with bucket on his head to reclaim Guinness title

A pair of Idaho men reclaimed a Guinness World Record when one of them caught 107 tennis balls in an oversized bucket placed on his head in one minute.

Watch: Monitor lizard rescued from busy Singapore road

A pair of police officers in Singapore were caught on camera rescuing a giant monitor lizard that wandered out into a busy road.

Philippine Coast Guard seizes 200 tons of giant fossilized clam shells

The Philippine Coast Guard seized more than 200 tons of fossilized clam shells worth nearly $25 million this week in a joint law enforcement operation.

Family's scenic route home from vacation leads to $777,777 lottery prize

A Virginia family said taking the scenic road home from their vacation led them to the store where they bought a lottery ticket and won a $777,777 jackpot.