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Watch: Police help rescue baby deer from Wisconsin storm drain
Police in Wisconsin helped a member of the public with an unusual rescue when a fawn was found to have fallen into a storm drain.

Watch: Dog surprises runners at 100-meter race in China
Runners in a 100-meter race in China were surprised when a stray dog joined the competition -- and nearly came in first.

Watch: Canadian woman breaks Guinness record for planking
A Montreal fitness enthusiast attending an Illinois event broke a Guinness World Record by holding the plank post for 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Look: Fox cub found lethargic and underweight at gas station
Animal rescuers in Wales said they took custody of a fox cub found acting lethargic near the equipment at a gas station.

Work bonus leads man to $300 casino prize, $300,000 lottery jackpot
A Michigan man who received a small bonus from work managed to win $300 from a casino and $300,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket on the same day.

Watch: Mountain lion relaxes on patio of Arizona home
An Arizona resident captured video of an encounter with a surprising trespasser on their patio -- a lounging mountain lion.

Zoo says 911 call reporting lion escape during storms was inaccurate
The president of a Missouri zoo said a 911 call reporting a lion had escaped the facility during recent storms was a hoax.

Watch: Emu returns home on its own after evading police
An emu that avoided capture by police in Massachusetts for three days returned home on its own, authorities said.

Watch: Cat drives prowling coyote away from home
A California homeowner's security camera captured the moment a neighborhood cat protected their home by driving off a prowling coyote.

Watch: 574 eat breakfast in bed for Guinness record
A total 574 people climbed into beds and dined on morning cuisine in South Africa to break the Guinness World Record for most people eating breakfast in bed.