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Look: Kitten rescued from engine compartment of SUV in Virginia

Firefighters in Virginia came to the rescue of a kitten that became stuck in the engine compartment of an SUV.

TikTok challenge blamed for deep holes left on Florida beaches

Officials in southwest Florida said deep holes found on area beaches are believed to be the result of visitors attempting a TikTok challenge.

Unique 'Jetsons' house for sale in Oklahoma

An unusual house for sale in Oklahoma is drawing attention online due to its resemblance to the titular family's domicile from classic cartoon series "The Jetsons."

Watch: Alligator relocated from patio of Florida home

A Florida police officer and a municipal employee came to the assistance of a resident who found an alligator sunning itself on their patio.

Watch: Florida teen wakeboards on flooded streets

A Florida teenager made an adventure out of flooding in his area by tying a rope to the back of his dad's truck and going wakeboarding in the streets.

Watch: Bear perches on Minnesota family's bird feeder

A northern Minnesota family captured video when they spotted an unusual non-avian perched on a bird feeder -- a black bear.

Trucker surprised to find $2,000 lottery prize was actually $1 million

An Illinois truck driver who bought a scratch-off lottery ticket in Michigan said he was shocked when what he initially thought was a $2,000 prize turned out to be a $1 million jackpot.

Watch: Escaped owl recaptured by Wisconsin zoo after early June break-in

Parks department officials in a Wisconsin city said the final animal missing after a zoo break-in earlier this month, a great horned owl, was safely recaptured and returned to the facility.

Man drives digger across tightropes at British theme park

The chairman of a construction-themed amusement park in Britain drove a more than 2-ton digger a distance of nearly 100 feet across a pair of tightropes.

National Parchment Day promotes use of parchment paper in cooking

National Parchment Day, celebrated annually on the last Wednesday in June, was founded in 2016 to encourage cooking with compostable and recyclable parchment paper.