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Escaped horses chase cyclists down the highway
A camera mounted to the back of an Australian cyclist's bike captured the moment the group of cyclists was chased by two escaped horses.

Kangaroo interrupts rugby game in Australia
A videographer recording a rugby game in Australia captured the moment the match was interrupted by a kangaroo that hopped out onto the pitch.

Men steal 3,396 worth of quarters from Florida car wash
Authorities in Florida shared video of two thieves accused of stealing 3,396 quarters in a late night car wash burglary.

Family records cat's highway ride on van's roof
A family traveling on a Nebraska highway captured video of a cat surfing on the roof of a van, with the vehicle's driver apparently unaware.

Lottery win stops reluctant player's eye-rolling
A North Carolina man who begrudgingly bought a lottery ticket for his wife said he is done with the eye rolling after winning $390,000.

Texas teens pose for prom photos at Whataburger
A pair of Texas high school seniors celebrated their last prom -- and their love of fast food -- by posing for photos at Whataburger.

Maine police bust men dragging stolen shed down road
Authorities in Maine said three men were arrested after being caught in the act of using a pickup truck to drag a stolen 25-foot shed down a road.

Judge orders 30-year-old to move out of his parents' house
A New York judge ruled a 30-year-old man must leave his parents home after they spent months trying unsuccessfully to get him to move out.

Bear breaks into Connecticut car, fails to eat banana
Police in Connecticut responding to a call about a suspected car burglar found something more unusual -- a bear trapped inside the vehicle.

Texas girl thanks police for pulling over mother
A Texas police department shared a letter of appreciation from a disgruntled child thanking them for pulling her mother over.