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Michigan man wins $1 million thanks to low car tire
A Michigan man said he has a leaky car tire to thank for his winning a $1 million jackpot from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Rattlesnake rescued from under tote at New York state vacation home
A New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officer responded to a vacation home where a timber rattlesnake was found trapped under a tote.

Watch: 13-year-old swimmer becomes youngest to cross Lake Tahoe
A 13-year-old swimmer has become the youngest person to make the "Godfather" swim across California's Lake Tahoe.

Look: N.C. student's message in a bottle travels 4,000 miles to Morocco
A North Carolina girl's message in a bottle traveled more than 4,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and was plucked out of the water by a fisherman in Morocco.

Look: Utah man's 53-pound lake trout breaks state record
A Utah angler broke a 32-year-old state record when he reeled in a lake trout that weighed in at a staggering 53 pounds.

Radio host breaks Guinness record for longest Hot Wheels track
An Australian radio host set up a Hot Wheels track on a rural road and broke a Guinness World Record by making a toy car travel down about 2,624 feet of track.

Look: Police, wildlife officers wrangle loose alligator in Idaho
Police and wildlife officers in Idaho responded to a resident's property to remove a trespasser that was highly unusual for the area -- an alligator.

Man buys 25 identical lottery tickets for same drawing, wins 25 times
A Virginia man's unusual gamble paid off when he bought 25 identical lottery tickets for the same drawing and won 25 times for a total prize of $125,000.

Watch: Conservation officers rescue coyote with head stuck in jar
Conservation officers in British Columbia came to the rescue of a coyote found with a glass jar stuck over its head.

Watch: Lost class ring returned to Oklahoma woman after 36 years
An Oklahoma woman who lost her class ring during a trip to a lake was reunited with the ring 36 years later when it was returned to the school.