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Palm m100 Handheld

It seems everyone has a PDA, and with the Palm m100, now everyone can afford one. This is the lowest priced Palm handheld which can be purchased for well below the $129 list price.

The m100 has many of the features and applications of the more expensive models: Address book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad are some of the basic applications that can easily be synchronized using the included software and HotSync cable. Aimed at the consumer on the go, no cradle ships with this model. The 9-pin serial cable is far more portable than a desktop cradle anyway.

Other applications installed are a simple calculator and clock. A new addition to the Palm operating system is the Note Pad which allows you to scribble a note in your own handwriting anywhere on the screen. This is very useful when trying to take a quick note using the Graffiti handwriting method.

My favorite application is AvantGo, which is a third-party free service that allows you to subscribe to content from web sites that are downloaded into your Palm each time you HotSync. News, stock market, movie listings, and more. You can take it with you.

The m100 has only 2MB (see Bits & Bytes) which is not expandable, however it should be enough for the average user that would purchase this model. I easily configured mine to synch with Microsoft Outlook and downloaded 200 contacts and 820 appointments which required less than 100KB.

Another futuristic way of transferring data is to "beam" data between two Palms via the infrared port. Select a contact, appointment, memo, or application, and easily beam it to another's Palm while holding them only a few feet together. This is becoming the new method of exchanging business cards, sparing the trees and the need to retype data.

The case has a cool flip top cover (a la Star Trek) that protects the reflective, backlit screen. With cover closed, a neat little window exposes a small portion of the screen which flashes the current time when you press the also exposed scroll button. The flip top cover folds flat behind the unit or can easily be removed if you wish to put the m100 in some other case solution.

Although the m100's case is not as sleek as some of the higher-end models, it certainly is stylish. The curvy shape seems more human and it can be easily personalized with many available replacement faceplates. The m100 has a great feel in your hand. It is light weight (4.4 oz), running on only 2 AAA batteries, yet feels very sturdy and durable. You won't worry about tossing it into a purse, attaché, or laptop bag.

If you've been holding off getting a PDA because they were too pricey and you weren't sure it fit your lifestyle, check out the Palm m100. It is simple to use and the case design is both durable and customizable. Plus, if it ends up only sitting in a drawer, at least it didn't cost you hundreds of dollars.

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