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Sensa Pen and Stylus Combo

The Sensa Minx Pen/Stylus combo features the same cushioned comfort grip on all Sensa pens providing hours of stress free writing. On the end with the comfort grip, is a ball-point pen with a pressurized refill which can write upside down and under water. The opposite end features a stylus point for use with hand helds and pen-based computers.

The Minx measures a petite 4.75 inches long and comes with a leather case which allows it to be easily stowed in a purse, pocket, or briefcase.

Most other Pen/Stylus combinations are just a dainty stylus with a barely functioning pen. The Sensa Minx is first a pen, and secondly a stylus. You can actually use the pen for some serious writing, and the comfort grip makes it a pleasure.

The toughest part about using this pen is figuring out how to un-retract the ball-point The twist-to-open function is at the far end near the stylus point. A little non-intuitive, but still functional. Another interesting hazard is that flipping between stylus and pen can leave your hand with a few pen marks.

This is a great secondary pen for PDA users since it is easily stored and in one small package you have dual functionality.

Minx Stylus
Price: $40

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