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Sony Digital Voice Recorder model ICD-R100PC

Digital voice recorders are the new generation of the old dictation tape recorders used to take notes quickly and easily, but they use digital memory chips instead of tapes. This recorder can store between 1 to 2.5 hours of depending upon the selected quality. It's dimensions are 1-3/4"W x 4"H x 1/2"D, which make it perfect for keeping in your pocket. It runs on 2 AAA batteries which can last about 1 month during average use.

Each time you press the record button, the new recording is given an index number so you can easily navigate between up to 99 indexed messages in each of two "files". You can also Index a large recording into discrete recordings later. Set the recorder to Voice Operation Mode(VOR), and the recorder will be in standby during silent periods, but begin recording when it detects sound.

The date and time of the recording is also captured and can be displayed during playback on the backlit LCD screen. The buttons are ergonomically placed on the unit. The Pause button helps when you are formulating your thoughts in one recording. A Hold switch prevents the units operation while in your pocket or briefcase. Navigation buttons allow you to skip to the next or previous recording and also to cue and review within a recording. The Menu button allows you to set the clock, turn the Beep function off, set an alarm for any of the recordings, and a few others.

The built in microphone and speaker make this a totally self contained unit, but there are jacks to plug in an external microphone which could be convenient when recording a lecture or meeting. The earphone jack allows you to review the contents privately, and both speaker and earphone are controlled by a volume control knob. There are three playback speeds (slow, normal, fast), to help you review more easily or quickly. Microphone sensitivity can be set between Low and High depending upon the environment you are recording in.

One of the most interesting features of this recording is the digital I/O connector which allows you to transfer voice files to your computer and sound files from your computer back into the recorder. This is done very easily with the included software and cable. Files are stored on the computer in two flavors of WAV files or a proprietary Sony type which can be converted to WAV later if necessary. This connection between the recorder and computer allow you to backup the contents of the recorder, save important lecture/meeting notes, send audio files to others via e-mail, or have the recording dictated to text automatically using such software as Dragon Naturally Speaking (not included).

This device is a great solution for when taking notes is not practical, or even impossible. When driving in the car, you can leave a "note to self" or even a "To Do", and set an alarm for the message, and it's quicker than scribbling something into a PDA.

Model ICD-R100PC
Price: $119.95

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