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Feces Health Quiz

Feces can be a barometer to one's health and dietary fiber intake. Answer these questions to find out the "poop" on your feces.

1. Do they float?
They float (1 point)
They sink (2 points)

2. How firm are they?
Like toothpaste (1 point)
Hard (2 points)

3. How much do they weight?
(2 pieces a day, each about 2 cm in diameter and about 15 cm in length)
Over 200 grams (1 point)
Below 200 grams (2 points)

4. How often do you evacuate?
Once a day (1 point)
Not everyday (2 points)

5. What color are your feces?
Yellow (1 point)
Dark brown (2 points)

6. Do your feces smell?
Not much (1 point)
Bad smell (2 points)

7. How are your feces shaped?
like pebbles (2 points)
like paste (1 point)
like a banana (1 point)
very hard (2 points)
liquid (2 points)
like mud (2 points)