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Stupid Facts

  • The word ALPHABET is derived from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet - ALPHA and BETA.

  • The word vaccine originates from the Latin word for cow - VACCA from which they were first derived from.

  • 33 + 43 + 53 = 63

  • Humpty Dumpty was a cannon.

  • The maximum prize one could earn on a single day of Jeopardy! is $566,400.

  • Ice is a mineral.

  • 97% of the Earth's water is in the oceans.
    (see The Water Cycle)

  • Lake Baikal in the south central part of Siberia is 5,712 feet (1.7 kilometers) deep. It's about 20 million years old and contains 20 percent of Earth's fresh liquid water.

  • On average, there are about 100 lightning strikes every second worldwide.

  • There is a glacier at the equator on Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador.

  • Reno, Nevada is further West than Los Angeles, California.

  • Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo in the movie Gremlins.