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Stupid Facts

  • A light bulb at a fire station in Livermore, California, has been burning since 1901.

  • The Hellbender salamander can achieve a length of 2 feet (.61 meters).

  • The average American eats 23 quarts (21.8 liters) of ice cream a year.

  • German chocolate cake isn't German.

  • Rabbits are not rodents.

  • Queen Victoria appeared on the very first postage stamp, known as the "Penny Black", issued in 1840 in the United Kingdom.

  • Queen Isabella of Spain was the first woman to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp. (1893)

  • Martha Washington was the first American woman to be featured on a U.S. postage stamp. (1902)

  • Time Square was originally called Long Acre Square.

  • Cows don't have upper front teeth.

  • Twelve cows are known as a "flink."

  • The biggest clams in the world weigh 500 pounds and make pearls as big as golf balls.