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Stupid Weather Facts

Contributed by Andy Krug

To tell the temperature without a thermometer:
Count a cricket's "chirps" for 15 seconds and add 40. This tells you the degrees in Fahrenheit.
(see Conversions)

If you cut a hailstone in half and count the rings, that information will tell you how many times the hailstone fell and rose within the a thunderstorm's updrafts.

The cool rush of air preceding a thunderstorm is caused by the downward force of rainfall, and this rush of air is approximately 1-2 miles ahead of the oncoming storm!

A typical cloud reflects 75% of the Sun's energy, leaving 25% of sunlight to reach the ground.

The best time to go fishing, according to weather experts, is during a full moon cycle. A full moon causes increased electromagnetic energy, which in turn triggers traveling, feeding, and spawning responses in fish and their prey.
(see Phases of the Moon)