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Stupid Facts - MLB Mascots

  • Anaheim Angels: Clutch and Scoop the Bears

  • Arizona Diamondbacks: D. Baxter the Bobcat

  • Atlanta Braves: Rally and Homer

  • Baltimore Orioles: The Bird

  • Boston Red Sox: Wally the Green Monster

  • Cincinnati Reds:Mr. Red

  • Cleveland Indians: Slider

  • Colorado Rockies: Dinger

  • Detroit Tigers: PAWS PAWS

  • Florida Marlins: Billy

  • Houston Astros: Junction Jack the Rabbit

  • Kansas City Royals: Sluggerrr the Lion

  • Milwaukee Brewers: Bernie Brewer

  • Minnesota Twins: T.C. the Bear

  • Montreal Expos: Youppi!

  • New York Mets: Mr. Met

  • Oakland Athletics: Stomper the Elephant

  • Philadelphia Phillies: Phillie Phanatic

  • Pittsburgh Pirates: Pirate Parrot

  • Saint Louis Cardinals: FredBird

  • San Diego Padres: The Friar

  • San Francisco Giants: Lou Seal

  • Seattle Mariners: The Moose

  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Raymond

  • Toronto Blue Jays: Ace and Diamond