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Book Review - Night Fall

Night Fall
by Nelson DeMille

Night Fall by Nelson DeMille is another installment of, now former, NYPD detective John Corey. Corey has become a contract agent for a Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. Retired from the NYPD, Corey now works with his (second) wife, on the job with the FBI, and after attending the five year anniversary of the TWA flight 800 disaster, his wife arouses his interest in the now closed case. It doesn't take much urging for him to get involved, and when his superiors forbid him, it only fuels his passion for truth and justice. Is there a video tape of a couple on the beach that recorded the entire event? Was this an accident or a terrorist act? After five years will there be any clues left uncovered or is everything covered up?

DeMille has based this book on real events which challenges the reader to separate fact from fiction. All of the events of this book take place prior to September 11, 2001 leaving the reader with foresight but not the characters. I had to look back at the publish date of the book just to be sure I didn't know something the author didn't. Mentions of Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, and the USS Cole keep you interested in understanding how TWA 800 could be connected.

With all that as the backdrop, Corey demonstrates his unique detective prowess once again. Using his past connections, understanding of human nature, and unconventional style, he finds missing clues, concealed facts, and connects the dots when no one was supposed to.

Like most DeMille books, I found my heart racing and I laughed out loud on more than a few occasions. If you like fiction based on fact, conspiracy theory, and great detective thrillers, I recommend Night Fall.

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Review by:
Greg Renza
December 15, 2004