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Calculating Your Car's Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Yield

  1. Fill up your car's gas tank all the way.
  2. If your car has a trip odometer, reset it, or record the master odometer mileage.
  3. Drive your car as you normally would, and let your gas tank deplete to at least a half of a tank of gas.
    (The lower you let your tank go, the better average rating you will get, but don't run out of gas!)
  4. Get to the gas station and fill your tank again.
  5. Record the amount of gas it took to refill the tank.
  6. Record the elapsed trip miles or new odometer mileage.


Get the miles traveled from the trip odometer, or subtract the original odometer reading from the new one.

Divide the miles traveled by the amount of gallons it took to refill the tank. The result will be your car's average Miles Per Gallon yield for that driving period.

You can repeat this procedure every time you refill your tank to continue to monitor, and attempt to improve, your gas mileage.


Starting Mileage Ending Mileage Gallons Used MPG
Enter the full tank mileage as Starting Mileage.
Enter Ending Mileage at refueling.
Enter Gallons Used to refuel.
Click Calculate for Miles Per Gallon (MPG).
(note: don't use commas.)

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