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SportBrain - Fitness Monitor

[NOTE: SportBrain has restructured since the orginal date of this review. Some details of operation may have changed.]

What it is
SportBrain is small device worn at your waistband that measures your steps when walking and running. This sounds like a normal pedometer, but this one has no readout visible on the unit, only a blinking LED to let you know it is functioning properly. To get to your data, you place the SportBrain in the included SportPort every day or so. The SportPort is connected directly to a phone line. Your activity data is sent to your own personal web-site that tracks your data over time, creating graphs, and compares your activity to others in your age group.

How it Works
It is so simple. You buy the starter kit which includes a SportBrain, SportPort, telephone cable, and necessary batteries. There is no software to install, you only need a web browser and Internet connectivity. There is no monthly fee and nothing else to buy. You register at the SportBrain web-site, providing your information and SportBrain serial number. You choose a local phone number that your SportPort will use to transmit your data. You also set your user name and password for your personal page.

Connect the SportPort to a telephone jack with the included cable, and you are ready to start walking. Every time you place the SportBrain in the SportPort, any new activity data is sent to your personal SportFolio and can be immediately viewed with your web browser.

Why it's Cool
It is very motivating to see your fitness progress data graphed out online. You can share this data with friends, family, and doctors by inviting them to visit a guest area where they can see your progress, and send you encouraging messages.

There are accessories you can buy or earn by joining a step program sponsored by SportBrain. Some of these items include colorful clip on faces to give your SportBrain a new look. An optional heart strap can also track you heart rate during your periods of activity. You can buy additional SportBrains only, and have multiple users in a household share the usage of a single SportPort.

The SportBrain is very easy to use. You don't need to be a computer or electronics expert. If you do have a problem, the customer service department is very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend this product for anyone who walks or runs to keep in shape.

SportBrain in SportPort

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