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Stupid Pictures

This section is dedicated to pictures of stupidity around us. We can't be sure if they are all real, but they are certainly real stupid.

Brick Transporter
Poor Planning
Speed Hump
Boat Goes In First
No Smoking
Nice Legs!
Lava! Walk for Your Lives!
2-Wheeled Minivan
Commuter Train
Left a Note
Affordable Dental Care
No Parking - Fire Zone
Art Imitates Life
Poetic Justice
Who You Gonna Call?
Ironic Flame Job
Safety Equipment
Store Closing AND Hiring
Examine Your Zipper
Conflict of Interest
Last Meal
Please Don't Feed the Animals
Horny Police
Peeps Show
One Drink Per Person
Hang On!
Self Portrait
If You Play with the Bull...
The Buddy System
Shrinking Habitat
Recycled Footwear
Bad Sale / Good Math
Cooking with Pooh
High Occupancy Vehicle
Bad Sale
Poetic Pairing
This Won't Hurt a Bit
Custom Stool for Men
Brand Kidnapping
Banking Adjustment
Practice what you Preach
Redneck Limo
Need a Boost?
Pigs in a Basket
Bad Store Name
Billboard Location
Amateur Firefighter
Last Stop! Everybody Off!
Learn to Fly
Suburban Camouflage
Ball Two!
Bad Ramp
Gas Problem
There's a Blonde Joke In Here Somewhere
Warning or Offer?
Keep One of Your Eyes on the Ball
Eat More Fiber
What's Wrong with this Picture?
One Car Garage
Nice Nuts!
Mmm Mmm Good!
Asking For It
Jet Stream
Ice Scraper Needed
Long Arm
Stinky Kitties
Kick in the Pisa
Nothing but Nyet
The Real Thing?
Flat Panel Television
Kiss My Sphinx
Parking Bump
Plumbing Nightmare
Head of the Class
Broken Bat
Base on Balls
Putter or Wedge?
Logging Out
Wiener Cookers
Boxy Stroller
Get Off at the Next Exit
Wood Hog
Electric Pedicure
Holy Legs!
Is this Necessary?
The Importance of Literacy
Recycling Gone Too Far
Hot Dog Math
Good to the Last Drop
Another Last Day on the Job
Helmet Head
Piercing Gone Wrong
Camel Toe
Another Last Day on the Job
Wet Paint?
How to Check a Diaper
Filling Cavities
Over the Shoulder Boulder
Stupid Feats
Indian Minivan
A Roll in the Hay
Bad Combination
Thanks for the Tip
No Entry Either
Public Service Announcement
Another Reason Not to Pick Your Nose
Printer Jam!?!
Very Observant
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)
Doggy-wood Tree
Keep It Clean
Sheep Over?
A Nice Place to Visit
Not So Stupid Inventions
Smell Something Cooking?
Have a Seat?
Last Day on the Job
Don't Pick Your Nose
Entrance Only
More Beans?
On the Go
Dont't Drink and Spell
Not for Higway Use
Moby Dick?
Part-Time Job
The Dangers of Proctology
Breast Envy
Too Personal Trainer
Stop and Go
Supply and Demand
Ass Kisser
The Face of Desperation
Moo-Shoe Pork
Holy Moly
Portable Computer
Important Study
Cavern or Colon?
Rear Ender
Ball Two!
Airbag Deployment
Up Close and Personal
Dog Face
Embarrassing Job
Words of Wisdom
Teletubby Autopsy
Semi Private Office
Stupid Job
Cow Tipping
Prickly Pete
Proper Attire Required
Stupid Product: Auto Pooper
Mattress for Sale
Friendly Competition
Pass the Baton
Watch Out for Splinters
Drug Sniffing Dogs?
In Rear
Nice Nuts
Get a Truck
Cooking with Gas
A Mystery Revealed
Kick the Ball
High Fives and One Low Five
Get a Grip
Lending a Hand
Nice Crotch!
Underwear Repair
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Carrot Couple
Virus Protection
Tennis Fault
Redneck Cat Carrier
Redneck Palm Pilot
Movies I'd Like to See
Hard as a Rock
Watch Out Santa!
Baste Lines
Full Service
Thought Provoking Signs
Don't Touch Anything!
Another Puking Pumpkin
Truth in Advertising
Vanity or Stupidity?
Interesting Intersections
Tough Commute
Hold It!
Bad Parking
Air Conditioning Service
Dog Puke
Dog Face
Oxymoronic Products
Stupid Ass
The Importance of a 401k Plan
Dog or Towel?
Morning Breath
Stupid Signs
Butt Products
Randy Resort
Ear Hair
Tough Times
Stupid Signs - Juxtaposition
Electronic Emotion Simulator
Driving in Kabul
Oxymoronic Neighbors
On the Road
Stupid Printer
Osama Mamas
Wedding Announcements part 1, part 2, part 3
Tight Spots
Stupid Inventions
More Stupid Signs
Stupid Signs
Stupid Dogs
PC Propaganda
The Harvest Moon
Hands Free Phone
Stupid Signs
Stupid Signs
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