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Student Gibberish Dept.

contributed by Pat Corcoran

More gems from student writing assignments:

my favorite physician is wide receiver

I think athlete's get more etention because people think they are more important because they are more comen and people actioly now them because most are still alive not like Albert Instin of corse he invented the light builb but no bud really cares becasue the think It's alway going to be there (sic)

Dear Helen Keller,

Your life was pretty cool like when you got that really high fever and went deaf, dumb, and blind and was left in the dark by your self with no one to talk to or do anything with.

When asked what will the world be like in fifty years...I had a student say "I think the would (sic) will be ok in fifty years. It would be a new look nike shoe might go out of stile (sic) and NFL jackets to. Little house on the preary look might in stile.

I also had a kid answer the question "Please list the Eight parts of speech"

lisping, stammering, stuttering, public speaking, dialect, communication. speech therapy
(as opposed to noun, verb, preposition, etc.)

One kid complained about prejudicism in "Driving Miss Daisy"