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Kansas man dreams of lottery jackpot, wins $75,000 two days later

A Kansas man who had a dream about winning $25,000 from the lottery had his dreams come true in triplicate two days later when he won a $75,000 prize.

Watch: Witnesses use boat to rescue deer in Rhode Island harbor

A group of men at a Rhode Island harbor hauled a struggling deer up onto a boat and gave it a ride to shore.

Watch: Customer leaves $16,000 tip on $37 bill at New Hampshire bar

Workers at a New Hampshire restaurant said they were stunned when a customer left a $16,000 tip on his $37.93 bill.

Watch: Massachusetts bar accepting Monopoly money for 2 hours

A Massachusetts bar announced it will accept Monopoly money as currency for 2 hours as part of its bid to be included in a localized version of the game.

Watch: Married couple awarded Guinness record for height difference

A British man and his wife, who is nearly 2 feet taller than him, were awarded a Guinness World Record for greatest height differential of a married couple.

Police remove 6 1/2-foot python from under woman's bed

Police in the Ukraine said they were summoned to an apartment in which a woman discovered a 6 1/2-foot snake lurking under her bed.

Watch: Australian twins construct world's smallest mobile nightclub

A pair of Australian twins who missed visiting nightclubs amid the COVID-19 pandemic set a Guinness World Record by constructing the world's smallest mobile nightclub.

Watch: 40 cows escape California slaughterhouse, stampede through neighborhood

Authorities in California said 38 cows were captured and at least one remains on the loose after the herd of about 40 bovines escaped from a slaughterhouse.

Woman wins $7,555 from birthday present lottery ticket

An Australian woman who received a "Perfect Gift" scratch-off lottery ticket as a birthday present found it lived up to its name when she won more than $7,500.

Watch: Class ring found on Maine beach was missing since 1984

A man using his metal detector on a Maine beach found a high school class ring that was lost in the same location in 1984.