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Alberta woman earns world record for donating blood

An 80-year-old Alberta woman who has been regularly donating blood for nearly six decades earned the Guinness World Record for the most whole blood donated (female).

Ohio truck driver wins $50,000 lottery prize in Kentucky

An Ohio truck driver whose route took him to Kentucky ended up buying a scratch-off lottery ticket during a lunch stop and won $50,000.

Colorado man becomes oldest to cross the Grand Canyon at 91

A 91-year-old Colorado man took an approximately 24-mile trek to become the Guinness World Record holder for oldest person to cross the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on foot.

Police divers discover 'body' reported in a canal was a mannequin

Police in Ontario said a dive team responding to a report of a suspected body floating in a canal recovered the reported remains and discovered it was a mannequin.

Bear who twice escaped at Missouri zoo moving to new home in Texas

An escape artist bear who twice escaped from his enclosure at a Missouri zoo in a single month is being moved to a new home, officials announced.

Watch: New Tennessee distillery boasts world's longest bar

A new distillery in Tennessee broke a Guinness World Record when its bar was measured at 518 feet long.

Ham on the lam until loose piglet captured after 3 days of freedom in New Hampshire

A piglet on the loose for multiple days in a New Hampshire town was captured by a local animal lover -- and the rescue was caught on video.

What a hoot: Carbon monoxide alert caused by owl trapped in chimney

Animal rescuers in Ohio said a reported carbon monoxide leak at a family's home turned out to have an unusual cause -- an owl stuck in the chimney.

Look: Ring lost on Virginia Tech's campus unearthed more than 25 years later

A Virginia Tech graduate was reunited with the class ring he lost while playing volleyball more than 25 years ago when a construction crew found it underground.

Maryland man was unaware of Powerball win for four months

A Maryland man bought Powerball tickets for a November drawing and didn't discover he was a $50,004 winner until four months later.