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Look: California girl issued an official license to keep a pet unicorn

A handwritten letter from a young girl led animal care and control officials in California to issue the child a pre-approved license to keep an unusual pet -- a unicorn.

Watch: British zoo welcomes birth of rare Malayan tapir

A British zoo announced the birth of a rare Malayan tapir, an event heralded by officials as a crucial step in conservation for the endangered species.

Watch: Malaysian puzzle solver breaks Mr. Potato Head world record

A puzzle enthusiast from Malaysia broke a Guinness World Record by assembling a Mr. Potato Head toy in 5.43 seconds.

Watch: 'Miniboat' built by Rhode Island students makes it to England

A "miniboat" made by students at three Rhode Island schools was placed in the Atlantic Ocean and washed up on a British beach 10 months later.

Jackpot confusion leads Maryland man to $1 million lottery prize

A Maryland man said his confusion about which lottery drawing had a historic jackpot on the line led to his winning a $1 million Mega Millions prize.

Watch: Australian runner breaks world record with 107 marathons in 107 days

An Australian woman broke a Guinness World Record by running a 26.2-mile marathon distance every day for 107 days -- and she plans to continue until she reaches 150.

Look: More than 900 Santas participate in 13th annual run in Germany

More than 900 people donned Santa Claus costumes in a German town to participate in the 13th annual St. Nicholas Run.

Escaped cow runs into Virginia doctor's office

A pair of Virginia cow catchers responded to a doctor's office where a 650-pound bovine smashed through the glass doors and entered the building.

Watch: California dog falls through sinkhole into abandoned septic tank

Firefighters in California rescued a dog that fell through a sinkhole into an abandoned septic tank.

Iguana wanders into Florida substation, causes 'large scale outage'

Officials in a Florida city said a "large scale outage" for power customers was caused by an iguana that wandered into a substation.