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2,013 confetti cannons fired at the same time to break world record

A school in Australia set off 2,013 confetti cannons at the same time to celebrate its 40th anniversary and break a Guinness World Record.

Watch: Moose chased away from Montana high school

A wandering moose on the loose sparked a temporary shelter-in-place order at a Montana high school before the animal was chased off by a wildlife control officer and police.

Loose lemur captured after several weeks in Texas

A lemur on the loose in a Texas city for more than two weeks was finally caught, animal control officials announced.

Winning Powerball ticket spent a month in oblivious owner's purse

A forgotten Powerball ticket that spent a month in a Michigan woman's purse turned out to be a $150,000 winner.

Watch: Chess master aiming to play for 60 hours straight

A Nigerian chess master is more than 50 hours into his attempt to play chess for 60 consecutive hours and break a Guinness World Record in the process.

Two vultures found 'too drunk to fly' in Connecticut

An animal rescue group in Connecticut said a pair of drunk vultures were treated with fluids and "a big breakfast" before being released.

Watch: British farmers using Axe body spray to keep rams from fighting

A British sheep farmer said she found a surprising solution for curbing the aggression of her rams -- Axe body spray.

Watch: Strangers return diamond ring found on Texas beach to its owner

A wedding ring lost on Texas' Galveston Island was returned to its owner's finger after being found by a couple attempting to remove an old net from the sand.

Pizza run earns Michigan woman a $2 million lottery prize

A Michigan woman made an extra stop on her way to pick up a pizza and scored a $2 million prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket.

British couple's divorce finalized by clerical error

An estranged British couple found their 21-year marriage unexpectedly ended when a lawn firm's clerical error finalized their divorce.