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Fruits and Vegetables

You think you know the differences between fruits and vegetables? Test youself, then see the reasons below.

Fruit is the mature ovary in flowering plants, often restricted, but not limited, to the succulent, edible fruits of woody plants (i.e. apples), melons, and berries. Fertilized ovaries develop and produce seeds. The function of fruit is to protect the seeds and may also play a part in their distribution. Animals eat the fruit and then later "distribute" the seeds with accompanying "fertilizer".

Vegetables are the edible product of herbaceous plants, and are grouped according to the edible part of each plant: leaves (lettuce), stalks (celery), roots (carrot), tubers (potato), bulbs (onion), and flowers (broccoli).

Common Misconceptions
People generally limit only sweet and succulent produce as being fruit and the rest as vegetables. The tomato is actually a fruit.