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cocoa beansChocolate is made from the kernels of cocoa beans which are ground to form a paste called chocolate liquor. This chocolate liquor is hardened into molds to form baking chocolate (bitter chocolate).

Cocoa butter is the vegetable fat component of chocolate. Cocoa powder is formed by pressing out the cocoa butter from the liquor and crushing it. Sweet chocolate, used for eating, is formed by mixing sugar and additional cocoa butter to the chocolate liquor. Adding concentrated milk to sweet chocolate results in Milk Chocolate.

White Chocolate
The so-called "white chocolate" is a blend of cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and other flavors, but does not contain any actual chocolate solids. So although white, it is barely chocolate.

Carob is similar in appearance to cocoa but actually comes from the bean-like pod of an evergreen tree called Eratonia Siliqua which is native to the Eastern Mediterranean. Nutritionally, cocoa can contain up 23% fat and 5% sugar, where carob has .7% fat and about 45% natural sugar. Carob also does not contain any of the caffeine found in chocolate.

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