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How To Handle Implied Poker Odds

Texas holdem poker players quickly learn about the concept of pot odds, the payout amount you can expect for winning a hand relative to the amount you are investing. Players understand that they need to compare these poker odds to the "true" likely poker odds of winning the hand to determine whether it is correct to continue. However, it is important to keep in mind that implied poker odds may also factor into your decision.

What Are Implied Poker Odds in Texas Hold'em Poker?

Considering implied odds simply means considering future potential winnings. Even if your pot odds are incorrect to call on the current street, you can call if you can reasonably expect your opponent to put in more money after you hit your hand.

Example of Implied Odds in Action

You hold Jc 9c and the flop is 7d 8h Qc. There is $40 in the pot and your single opponent bets $10. Your offer is 5-to-1 and your poker odds of hitting a T for a gutshot straight on the next card are about 11-to-1. Clearly, you are not being offered correct pot odds to call.

However, based on the comments your opponent has made and his betting patterns, you have a strong reason to believe he has top two pair and is planning to go all-in on the turn, no matter what comes. Your opponent has $300 behind.

If you are correct, then if you call and hit your T you will win the $50 in the pot, plus another $300 on top of that. This is suddenly an easy call, as $350 to $10 is 35-to-1 odds.

Getting help with the Poker Odds

There are a lot of free poker software on the Internet that can be useful when you play online poker. They won't handle implied odds, but they can calculate the poker odds and give you simple advice so that you can focus on other things like the opponents strengths or weaknesses or implied odds. Check out the poker hand odds calculator.

Important Note on Implied Poker Odds

It is important to be honest with yourself when calculating implied poker odds. If you are trying to calculate poker odds on a flush draw you cannot simply assume that your opponent will put more chips in if you hit. Many players will fold to a bet when a flush draw comes. You can only use implied odds if you have a reasonable expectation regarding how many more chips you can win, based on your observation of the opponent and on the situation.