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Human Blood Quiz
Basic knowledge about human blood.

1. If a father's blood type is B, and a mother's blood type is A, then a child's blood type can be...
any Type
only Type A
only Type AB
only Type O

2. Which type of blood is known as the "Universal Recipient?"
Type O
Type A
Type AB
Type B

3. Where are red blood cells formed?
Bone Marrow

4. Which blood type is the most rare?

5. The Rh factor in blood is named for...
Dr. Thadius Rhesus
Uncle Rhemus
Rhesus monkeys

6. How many quarts of blood does the average healthy adult have?
between 4 and 5
between 6 and 7
between 5 and 6
between 3 and 4

7. Which type of blood is known as the "Universal Donor?"
Type AB
Type O
Type A
Type B

8. If a father is Rh-, and a mother is Rh-, then the child can be...
no Rh factor
only Rh+
only Rh-
Rh- or Rh+