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Human Blood Quiz
Basic knowledge about human blood.

1. Which type of blood is known as the "Universal Recipient?"
Type AB
Type B
Type O
Type A

2. Which type of blood is known as the "Universal Donor?"
Type B
Type O
Type AB
Type A

3. Which blood type is the most rare?

4. The Rh factor in blood is named for...
Uncle Rhemus
Dr. Thadius Rhesus
Rhesus monkeys

5. If a father's blood type is B, and a mother's blood type is A, then a child's blood type can be...
only Type A
only Type O
only Type AB
any Type

6. Where are red blood cells formed?
Bone Marrow

7. If a father is Rh-, and a mother is Rh-, then the child can be...
no Rh factor
only Rh+
only Rh-
Rh- or Rh+

8. How many quarts of blood does the average healthy adult have?
between 3 and 4
between 5 and 6
between 6 and 7
between 4 and 5