Zipping Along
by Fred Piscop


1Zip along
4Copperfield's field
9D-Day beachhead
13Wally of cookie fame
15Playground retort
16Prefix with phone or bucks
17Air show stunt
19Loser to Braddock
20Arrange by type
23"The Waste Land" monogram
24Crack the books
27Bird's buoyancy aid
30Nighttime reading lights
33Showed partisanship
36Warner __
37Nintendo competitor
38Saudi Arabia neighbor
39Anglican topper
40Hawaiian necklaces
41Act the mother hen
42Little Sheba's creator
43Low-calorie brews
44"Sort of" suffix
45Not allowed out
49"Cheers" barfly
50Navigator's need
53Nebraska's largest city
55One-celled creature
57Bangkok native
59Pest control, of a sort
62Witch's blemish
64With "the" and 65- Across, pull an upset
65See 64-Across
66Gentle gallops
67Rap's Run-__


1Morocco's capital
2Minutemen's sch.
3Like Vikings
4Fountain treat
5Sheet music abbr.
6Metro automaker, once
7Castaway's home
8Come crashing down
9Earthy shade
10Ad buyer's proof of purchase
11Cake candle count
12Laugher's syllable
14Full-house sign
18Slipped up
22Put down, on the street
25White rat, e.g.
26Tranquilizing weapon
28Hanna-Barbera's __ Doggie
29Lacking couth
30Uncle __ (rice brand)
31Rita of "West Side Story"
33Capital of Bulgaria
34"__ be dreaming!"
35Odometer locale
37Lost traction
43Helpful theorem
45Fed. purchasing org.
46Talks Dixie-style
48Gives out
50__ out (allotted)
51Crosswise, on a ship
52Third section, perhaps
54In addition
56Pony players' locale, in brief
57Tandem's capacity
58Made a fool of
61Oil can letters


Copyright © Fred Piscop