Small Stuff
by Fred Piscop


1Big flop
5Sacred bird of the Pharaohs
9__ out (examine, slangily)
14Mideast bigwig
15Alaska gold rush city
16Welcome words to a hitchhiker
17La __ (weather worry)
18Heroic deed
19Blunted blades
20Smallish NBA Hall of Famer
23Ambulance letters
24Vote against
25Proper to a fault
29Letters on a Cardinal's cap
31Belted one out
35Feared mosquito
36Mad Magazine feature
38"Get my point?"
39Nightgown wearer of rhyme
42NASA "walk"
43Kunta Kinte's story
44Year-end songs
45Shoulder muscle, briefly
47Middling grade
48Play a reel, say
49Neighbor of Mex.
52"Long Tall Sally" singer
59Like a dryer trap, before cleaning
60Portable dwelling
61Gen-__ (post-boom babies)
63Run __ of the law
64Savvy about
65Giant hop
66Al __ (pasta order)
67Koh-i-__ diamond
68On pins and needles


1Jerry's partner in ice cream
2Forget to include
3Short skirt
4Fiber source
5Word in an FDR speech of 12/8/41
7Un-PC computer?
8Clockmaker __ Thomas
9Biblical queendom
10Some patients' outlays
11Kadett automaker
12Like Hamelin's piper
13USNA grad
21Polite affirmation
22How a trucker might go up a hill
25Handled roughly
26Superman player
2710 out of 10, e.g.
28Give a darn?
29Treat maliciously
30Tot's "piggies"
32Was inquisitive
33"Jurassic Park" star Sam
34V-formation fliers
36Gin flavoring
37Maze goal
40All-stops subway train
41Tacit assent
46"That's hardly proper"
48Contributing element
50What's in, in fashion
51Spotted horse
52Long prison sentence
53A party to
54Rival of Harrow
55Gambling mecca
56Auto shaft
57Saxophonist's buy
59Terhune title character
62007, for one


Copyright © Fred Piscop