by Fred Piscop


1Poker pile
10Fellers' tools
14Draw a bead on
15Red beans go-with
16Military subdivision
17High-fiber fruit drink
19__ colada
20Dress rehearsal
21Christmas star's place
23Helicopter pioneer Sikorsky
25Stock market fear
26Lofty standards
30Bar, in law
33Playful sprite
34Sharon of "Valley of the Dolls"
35Page with views, briefly
39Wroclaw's river
40Wall art
41Cunning trick
42Wink in tiddlywinks, e.g.
43Follow orders
44Past or present
47Postal machine
48Lose one's amateur status
51"Sleepy Hollow" actor Johnny
53Pig out
56Tire with new life
61Cut into cubes
62Assume control
64__ even keel
65Keatsian or Pindaric
66PC chip maker
67Campsite structure
68"The Simpsons" creator Groening
69Clay pigeon


1USN rank
2Take on
3Don of morning radio
4Huff and puff
6__ Magli shoes
7Hour on a grandfather clock
8Passbook no.
9Visionary sort
10USSR, until 1991
11O'Day of jazz
12Skid row denizens
13Spherical bacterium, briefly
18Moonshine holders
22Prefix with system
24Bump from behind
26Gadget with earbuds
27Conn of "Grease"
28They're splitsville
29Jet stream, e.g.
31Collar stiffener
32Address book no.
34Hefty horn
36Milk amount
38Does and bucks
40Teeming group
44Hotdogger's challenge
46Beluga or shad product
47Job detail, briefly
48Beckett no-show
49Like lambs
50Praline nut
52Standing up
54Cyclotron particle
55Cry of achievement
57Colonel or corporal
58Harper's Bazaar artist
59"A Death in the Family" writer James
60Shoulder muscle, briefly
63Caboodle's partner


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