Bike Week
by Fred Piscop


1Links transport
5Cheese town
9Neighbor of Libya
13Rap sheet handle
15Operatic soloist
16Miner's strike
17Sticks, bats, rackets, etc.
21Kitchen gadgets
23Tie the knot
24Martinique volcano
25Blue-book filler
29"Yada, yada, yada . . ."
32Fix up
33Whittled down
34Amateur radioer
37Blood donation
38Place for cream cheese
39One "in the woods"
40Terminal info: Abbr.
41Take one's time
42Wheedler's tactic
43African fly
45Easter wear
46Built for speed
48Massachusetts' Cape __
49Takes a bit of
51Marble player's bagful
56Help in wrongdoing
57Riverboat feature
59Soccer announcer's shout
60Some portfolio holdings, briefly
61Weeper of myth
62Russian-born designer
63Breath freshener
64Whole lot


1Item on a docket
2European peaks
3Real howler
4Weight allowance
5Barely beaten
6Fizzled out
7Ex of Artie and Mickey
8Artist Chagall
9Rosé alternative
10Hilton or Hyatt
11Have a mad crush on
12Slow on the uptake
14Beyond tipsy
18Pirate of kiddie lit
22Viewpoints page, briefly
25First-aid kit item
26Release, in a way
27Capitol Hill prize
28Explosive initials
29Birdie beater
30Long basket, in hoops lingo
31Frame from "Fantasia"
33Ones to hang with
35Having the resources
36Hook up with
38Dracula's altered form
39Sloppy joe holder
41Hockey fake-out
42Decrease in value
44Put down roots
45Crude sort
46All the world's one, to the Bard
47Cabinet post
48Pectoral's place
50Do the crawl, say
51Ollie's partner
52Not that?
53Fair-hiring org.
54Sitcom star McEntire
55Toboggan, e.g.
58"Exodus" hero


Copyright © Fred Piscop