At the Arcade
by Fred Piscop


1Pack animal
6Job for a plumber
10"What time __?"
14Bagel choice
15The life of Riley
16Aborted-mission words
17Super harvest
19Ladle out clumsily
20Hook's henchman
22Gaze stupidly
23__ of one's existence
25"My Name Is __ Lev"
27Fast-food worker, informally
31Eligible for Mensa
33Corey of "The Lost Boys"
34Jackie O's man
35Gain deservedly
38Swarm member
39Former Russian space station
40Part of DNA
41Bel __ cheese
42Quadrennial January 20 gala
46Franklin's bill, slangily
47Flying start?
48UCLA player
50Inexact fig.
51Planning detail
55Decorate anew
56Popular carnival ride
59__ instant
60Decorative window shape
61Prefix meaning "five"
62Give the heave-ho to
63Hard to hold onto
64Part of FAQ


1Short haircuts
2"E pluribus __"
3Frosty coating
4Phys. Ed. abrasion
5Binary digit
6Order from the top
7Still pink
8Prefix with metric
10Marching to the rhythm
11Energy-harnessing device
12Frankenstein's helper
13Hit the bottle
18World Series prize
22Leveling wedge
24Mosaics or topiary
25From a distance
26Sexy skirt opening
27Ferocious swimmers
28Valerie Harper sitcom
29Chapters in history
30Marriage, for one
31Round before the final
32Water conduit
36Bunny's tail
37Take on
38Rainy-day footwear
401957 Stravinsky ballet
41It's usually 3, 4 or 5
43Locals' organizations
44In conclusion
45Software test version
48Telly watcher
49Former Attorney General Janet
50Line to Tel Aviv
52Flamingo color
53One-named designer
54Decked out
56Corn locale
57"__ had it!"
58New Deal org.


Copyright © Fred Piscop